Become a member

One can join the activities of the association by becoming a member. Anyone interested in Japanese traditional culture is welcome to become a member. One can become either an ordinary member or a sponsor. The association also has honorary members. The membership fee for ordinary members is 30 € per year, and for sponsors 200 € per year.

Members can join practices (keiko) organised by the association. In Helsinki, the practices are open for those members, who have participated in a beginner’s course organised by the association, or have otherwise acquired the necessary knowledge (by having previously studied chadō elsewhere). There is a waiting list for the beginner’s course. Membership in the association also means discounted fees for tea gatherings organised by the association in the tea room Tokuyūan. Members also receive the newsletter via email.

The membership fee is included in the price of the beginner’s course, and participants become members of the association. Associations, companies, groups and private persons can become sponsors without a separate application. Sponsors or representants of sponsors can participate in open tea gatherings organised by the association free of charge.

For more information or a membership application, please contact us via email at For a membership application, please include your name, address, telephone number, and the email address to which you would like to receive the newsletter.